About the altar boys  

The Altar Boy program has been an integral part of the St. Paul’s ministry. The young men have had a unique opportunity to actively participate in the liturgical life of the church by assisting the clergy at the Holy Altar. Those who have served as altar boys will always remember the unique “front row” experience in the sacramental and liturgical events of the church. As one might expect, this early interaction with the sacramental life of the church has resulted in many young men being drawn to the priesthood, From St. Paul six men have become priests and deacons including:

  • Fr. Dimitrios J. Antokas
  • Fr. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris
  • Fr. Chris Constantinou
  • Fr. Constantine Mangos
  • Fr. George Dounelis
  • Deacon Peter J. Boulukos
  • Deacon Mathew Kakis

Also, there are two recent graduates of Holy Cross Seminary, Christopher Xanthos and Vincent Minucci. Grouped in "teams" of 6 to 8 members, each team is lead by a captain and assistant captain, who are generally older altar boys. An adult coordinator is present every Sunday to assist and instruct the boys and to coordinate schedules. The young men receive credit for Sunday School attendance and serve approximately every 3 weeks and alternate between sessions. In addition to serving on Sundays, the altar boy teams will meet several times during the year. These small group sessions will give the boys an opportunity to ask questions, practice processions and routines, and learn more about their Orthodox faith. For more information or questions, please contact Louis Yeostros, Altar Boy Coordinator.


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