AHEPA is the largest Greek American association in the world.

What makes AHEPA unique from other organizations is the creation of the AHEPA Family. Together with the Daughters of Penelope, the Sons of Pericles, and the Maids of Athena they are able to fulfill their common mission. AHEPA members are proud of the contributions the ancient Greeks gifted western civilization.

As Americans, we share many of the values put forth by them: civic responsibility, philanthropy, education, family and individual excellence, and the ideals of democracy. We welcome all of you to come join the AHEPA Family.

For more information, please contact:

AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter # 170- President Anastasios Stampolis.

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Altar Boys

The Altar Boy program has been an integral part of the St. Paul’s ministry. The young men have had a unique opportunity to actively participate in the liturgical life of the church by assisting the clergy at the Holy Altar. Those who have served as altar boys will always remember the unique “front row” experience in the sacramental and liturgical events of the church.

As one might expect, this early interaction with the sacramental life of the church has resulted in many young men being drawn to the priesthood, From St. Paul’s more than six young men have become priest. This includes:

  • Fr. Dimitrios J. Antokas
  • Fr. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris
  • Fr. Chris Constantinou
  • Fr. George Dounelis
  • Fr. Constantine Mangos
  • Deacon Peter J. Boulouykos

In there are two recent graduates of Holy Cross Seminary, Christopher Xanthos and Vincent Minucci.

Grouped in "teams" of 6 to 8 members, each team is lead by a captain and assistant captain, who are generally older altar boys. An adult coordinator is present every Sunday to assist and instruct the boys in routines, and to coordinate schedules. The young men receive credit for Sunday School attendance and serve approximately every 3 weeks and alternate between sessions. In addition the altar boy teams meet in small group which give the boys an opportunity to ask questions, practice processions and routines, and learn more about their Orthodox faith.

For more information or questions, please contact Louis Yeostros, Altar Boy Coordinator.

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Junior Choir

The Junior Choir welcomes youth and adults interested in offering their voices as part of liturgical worship, to the glory of God! We chant a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment) using the Byzantine style (melody with ison, the drone note) and use English translations of the Greek. We rehearse on alternating Fridays at 6:30 p.m. and lead congregational singing at the Sunday School "Youth Liturgies," in the Hellenic Room. Each year on Good Friday and Palm Sunday, the Junior Chior chants in the Cathedral Center, as well as the Agape Service on Pascha, chanting "Christos Anesti" in many languages. Additionally, in recent years we have contributed English chanting during Paraklesis, Vespers, Akathist Hymn and the Great Compline.

Alongside the study of hymnology and the Byzantine Tones, we use rehearsal time to learn Orthodox folk songs (with guitar), camp songs, songs/hymns of the Kenyan Orthodox and OCA, and we harmonize just for fun. We are a loving and friendly group and hope you will feel free to join us at any time!

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Byzantine Choir


 “Make a joyful sound unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing….” Psalm 100:1. This verse from Psalms speaks of invitation, participation, rejoicing and praising God with song. It is exactly what a Greek Orthodox Church Choir does!


A Greek Orthodox Choir comes before God’s presence in liturgical worship, prayerfully singing praises to the Lord. As the clergy’s liturgical partner, this ministry requires devotion and commitment and the Cathedral of St. Paul is especially blessed to have choir members who serve throughout the year at one or both Sunday Divine Liturgies. Adrienne-Stamatas Borbely, our dedicated Music Director, has been with St. Paul’s Choir for over 35 years as accompanist/organist and now directs the choir at rehearsals and Sunday services. To continue our choral tradition, the choir constantly seeks new talented members in all four voice parts. The minimum age is 13 years old. Reading Greek is not required as the music is also written with English phonetics. In order to be properly prepared for services, the choir rehearses bi-monthly on Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. Please join the choir in song and fellowship. Simply come up to the loft, introduce yourself and sit in with the choir on a Sunday morning or rehearsal night. If you would like more information, please contact Adrienne at 516-481-9333.

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GOYA is for ages 13-18 and stands for Greek Orthodox Youth of America. After the business portion of meetings, the clergy lead an "activity" which can take the form of a Bible Study, discussion group, video or audiotape or many other forms. GOYA attends Bible camps, youth retreats as well as participating in various fundraisers, ski trips, sporting events and dances. For more information please contact any of the following individuals: Kay Georgopalis or Tina Vasilakis.

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Grief and Bereavement

Support groups are becoming popular in many churches nationwide. The Cathedral of St. Paul formed a support group for people suffering grief and bereavement, with the intension of providing help to those recovering from the loss of a loved one. Grief, if not dealt with properly, can be quite debilitating. One may experience physical , as well as, emotion duress from unresolved grief. The individual may experience difficulty sleeping, eating and even thinking clearly. Often the breaved cannot communicate their need for help.

The Cathedral of St. Paul created the Grief and Bereavement Support Group in March of 1994, with the blessing and spiritual guidance of Father Nicholas Magoulias. The founders of the group include Kay Pamas, a caring parishioner who has experienced significant loss in her own immediate family and William Kallinikos, an active member and former Parish Council President. Since inception, the group has helped over 140 bereaved individuals to start and stay on the road to recovery and acceptance.

Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30p.m. and every 3rd Wednesday at 2:00p.m., twelve months a year. The group has found that grief does not take a vacation. The setting is quite informal and relaxed, allowing the participants to speak freely and openly. Each meeting is based upon a specific subject. Readings and handouts are prepared and read at each meeting, allowing the moderator to begin the discussion among the participants. Participants address one another on a first name basis. All discussions are held in strictest confidence. Confidentiality is an absolute necessity for the successful healing of group members

At Christmas time, a special Christmas Tree is placed in the Cathedral. All who

have attended the Grief and Bereavement Support Group over the years are invited to a special memorial service celebrated by the clergy at which all the names of the departed are read. .At the conclusion of the memorial service, each person comes forward and places an ornament on the tree. This tradition has grown over the years with attendance exceeding 175 people.

For more information please contact the Cathedral Office at 516 483 5700

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Greek Language Program

Greek language instruction is one of the most successful components of the St. Paul education and youth programs. Classes are offered from Pre-Kindegarten through 6th grade as well as for Regents Preparation. Our classes meet once a week. In our attempt to provide a comprehensive education, the St. Paul Greek program also exposes the students to Greek dance, culture customs and history, as well as our Orthodox religion and customs. Our Dance Instructional Program has several class offerings, and our dancers have several opportunities throughout the year to perform for the public, including at the annual St. Paul Festival. Adults can register for the evening Greek Language classes.

For more information please contact the Cathedral Office at 516 483 5700

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Homebound Ministries

The Homebound Ministry was founded in 2002 as a special organization for those parishioners of St Pauls with medical restrictions. It became apparent that many of these parishioners with special needs did not attend the Divine Liturgy on Sunday and therefore the Homebound Ministry was established to reach out to these individuals.

Several times a year Father Luke and Father Panagiotis conduct the Divine Liturgy for the homebound so they can receive Holy Communion. This is always held on a Saturday for the convenience of their families and caregivers. Following the Liturgy, they enjoy a luncheon in the Cathedral Center, which is prepared by Lou Patrickakos and his volunteers.

To help our parishioners using wheelchairs and walkers a special ramp was built so they can enter the Cathedral Center safely. The Homebound Ministry has provided an opportunity for our members to attend the Divine Liturgy, make new friends and to enjoy a pleasant “away from home”. New members are always welcomed. For more information please contact Joan Prieston.

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Holy Orthodox Primary Education or HOPE is for children ages 4-6. This program provides our children with a solid foundation in their Orthodox Faith through arts, crafts and games in a fun atmosphere. For further information please contact Alex Orphanos.

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Junior Orthodox Youth or JOY is for children ages 7 to 12. JOY is designed to help young people learn more about their Orthodox Faith, get to know their church friends better and grow together in positive ways; and the children do this while having a fun time!   JOY attends bible camps, youth retreats as well as participating in the various fund raisers, sporting events and dances. For more information please contact the Church Office.

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Association Laconon

The Association Laconon was established in 1969 to bring the Laconians together so they could help each other and to preserve their culture and traditions in their new homeland. Our association has always considered St. Paul’s as our home, and we always have our monthly meetings here on the first Thursday of each month. We have supported many projects here at the Cathedral of St. Paul including the Greek Language schools. The Saturday Greek School Program is also known as the Laconian School. We have supported various Greek-America non-profit organizations and we have also supported our homeland Laconia by donating to the Metropolis of Sparta and its’ Philanthropic institutions, the Hospitals of Laconia and the fire victims of the Grand Fire of 2008. We have many functions during the year including or regular dinner dance, Christmas Vasilopita and Easter festive parties. Our annual Picnic is scheduled for June 24 at Eisenhower Park, from 11AM to 7PM. For more information about the Association Laconon, please contact our President, Theodore Lakis.

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LIACA stands for Long Island American Cypriot Association. LIACA was established over 40 years ago in order to strengthen the bonds among Cypriot Americans and to further our cultural heritage. We strive to morally support the people of Cyprus and also to engage in benevolent and philanthropic activities. Through the years we supported many projects here at the Cathedral of St. Paul as well as offering assistance to members and their families who are in need.

 Our monthly meetings take place on the second Monday of every month. In addition we schedule a number of social events. We start by having a Welcome Back Social Gathering in October, followed by our annual cake sale.   Many people look forward to our annual cake sale where we have traditional Cypriot and Greek desserts, Cypriot olive bread and kolokithopites in particular. Come December, we have a Christmas party and later during Lent a Lenten Dinner. We watch movies based on Cypriot traditions, a Cypriot comedy or a movie dealing with Cyprus. Also, we usually have our annual Dinner Dance in the spring.

For more information about LIACA please contact Soteroulla Constantinou.

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Little Angels

The Little Angels is for children ages 40 days to 4 years and helps get our youth to a spiritual start. Moms and Dads, YiaYias and Papous, accompany the children as they gather to learn the ABCs of Orthodoxy, and have fun doing it.

The purpose of our Youth Ministries is to connect and develop our youth to hold long-life relationships with others and with God. The Parish of St. Paul is not only about its long rich history, but also about its future. The youth of today are the church stewards, council members and organizational leaders of tomorrow. We are waiting for you to join us. For more information contact Alex Orphanos

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Mary Brennan Inn

“Come you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry…, I was thirsty…, I was a stranger…, I was naked…, I was sick…, and you ministered unto me. (Matthew 25.34).

Four times a year, 15-20 volunteers from our Cathedral fulfill this commandment when we go to the Mary Brennan Inn Soup Kitchen. Each time we go, it costs the Cathedral $1,500 to sponsor the meal, and feeds between 350-450 men, women and children. Thanks to the generosity and love of our parishioners, we have been able to offset the cost with donations, which allows this ministry to continue without dipping into the church’s general fund.

Come and join us and you will see that you will not only be feeding the hungry and homeless, but your soul as well!

For more information, please call Cathy Pantelides.

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Mr. & Mrs. Club

The objectives of the Mr. & Mrs. Club are to encourage the married couples of the Greek Orthodox church to get together for the purpose of making new friends and to help the church and the Greek community in whatever way they can best and, in particular, to encourage the couples to become more active in the Church through the good fellowship of this Social and Cultural Club. For more information please contact the Church Office.

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Nursery School

St. Paul’s Nursery School Program is a program with classes for children from age 2 through pre-kindergarten. In each class there is a certified teacher and an assistant. Our program offers a child-centered program designed to guide children in their physical, intellectual and emotional growth in a nurturing Christian environment. We provide skills to be developed during the school year, which include but are not limited to language development and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, physical development, art/music, indoor/outdoor play. This is an English taught curriculum that prepares our children for Kindergarten. Throughout the year we take field trips, and even have a dental Hygienist and a Yoga instructor from our own community. We also have a Summer Program during the month of July. Our goal is for the children to become confident, responsible, and independent learners in our Greek Orthodox Christian faith, culture and community. For further information, please contact Alex Orphanos. Registration Forms are available in the Cathedral Office.

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Parish Council

This is a group of men and women elected by the general membership of the Cathedral of our parish to oversee the business of all the ministries of the church and for the good of the community. The members of the parish council must be stewards in good standing and ecclesiastically in order. There are thirty elected members and Past Presidents on the Parish Council. The Parish Council meets once a month. The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers from the Parish Council, three immediate past presidents and Legal Counsel.

For more information please contact the Cathedral Office at 516 483 5700

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St. Anna's Ladies Philoptochos is an accredited women's philanthropic society of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. 

Our mission is to help the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the handicapped, the victims of disasters, and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church through fund raising efforts.  Also, to promote the charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America through different programs and to preserve the Orthodox Christian Family and through them to promote the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditions.  Nationally, over $2 million was donated this past year. For further information please contact the Church Office.

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Recipe Club

The Recipe Club was started well over 50 years ago, when our parish was newly established, and in need of financial support. A group of dedicated women decided they would write a Greek cookbook in English and give all the earnings to the church, in a “make it grow” project” It was never a club, but rather a closed group of dedicated women who tested, and wrote the collection of treasured Greek recipes in English. The first book, called “The Grecian Gourmet” was self-published. A copy was sent to the food editor of the NY Times, Craig Claigborne, who raved about the book in his syndicated column. It became an instant bestseller, but around the USA. Doubleday came to the group to publish it and it became their biggest best selling ethnic cookbook, which they named “The Art of Greek Cookery”. Based on that success, we write another book . That produced “The Regional Cuisines of Greece”. The women then decided to write another book, based on the recipes from their earlier books, but retesting, and rewriting the recipes to suit contemporary dietary preferences, including tips of freezing, using newer cooking and baking methods, and emphasizing the simplicity of our cuisine. The last book is published by Harper Collins, and is called “The Complete Book of Greek Cooking”.   It is available at the Cathedral office, or on line at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and bookstores abound the country. 

From the beginning, all the earnings have gone to Cathedral of St. Paul. In the early years, the money went into the "Burn the Mortgage" drive. After that they turned their attention to other worthy projects including two chandeliers in the church; two large mosaics, the wonderful church organ, and the downstairs kitchen One of their major projects was having the name of the church placed in the front of the church proper, with suitable landscaping as well as many other projects including the Restoration Fund. They continue to reach out for other worthy projects within the church.

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Boy Scouts

The Scout Oath:

 “On my honor I will do my best; To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight”

The church as supportive of youth ministry has recognized the core values of the Boy Scouts. St. Paul’s Troop 568 is one of a dozen scout troops in the metropolitan area that are chartered by Orthodox parishes. Founded in the early 1960’s, 55 young men have achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

Cub Scout Den 568: The “junior” division of the scouting program, currently with 20 boys between the ages of 7 and 10 years old, introduces scout values by providing fun and activity filled events. Together with their peers and parents, the Cub Scouts work on their age appropriate badges and rank advancements, mastering new skills and abilities while developing self-confidence. Activities building match cars for include the Pinewood Derby, camping and hiking trips, visits to Home Depot, car repair shops, and science museums. The Cub Scouts also work with our clergy on two religious medals, the St. George and Chi-Ro.  

Boy Scout Troop 568 The main program, for boys ages 10 to 17, enables young men to learn life’s more serious lessons while having fun. The program combines active and participatory experiences such as camping, fishing, and hiking trips, sports and outdoor activities, the week long Summer Catskills camping trip, and numerous community service projects. Scouts learn life skills, such as swimming, first aid, camping, personal fitness, disaster preparedness, shooting sports, and personal finance.

With adult guidance, senior level scouts, providing an opportunity for all scouts to learn and test leadership skills and be active participants in the troop and their community at large, run troop meetings. The Scouts are encouraged to serve as Altar Boys, become involved with GOYA, and provide manpower help at the parish’s Grecian Festival and the Fall Family Festival.

Both programs meet every Thursday evening. For information, please contact the membership coordinators, Cathy Marinos for the Cub Scouts or Louis Yeostros for the Boy Souts.

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Girl Scouts

Our fun and vibrant group of Daisy Girl Scouts meet every other Tuesday. These girls are in kindergarten and first grade. The focus is on the leadership philosophy of girls discovering themselves and their values, caring and teamwork with each other, and taking action to improve their communities and the world. A petal is given to a Daisy girl once she has completed a lesson from the above. 

There are also various awards given out that are so important in our daily lives: being responsible for what a girl says and does; a gardening effort for others to make the world a better place; and knowing and living the Promise and Law of a Girl Scout. Through their faith in God and their promise to make the world a better place, The Girls of the Girl Scouts Daisy Troop #1191 will always be proud of who they are.

For more information please contact the Church Office.

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Tuesday Ladies

Our group of dedicated ladies meets every Tuesday throughout the year.  We spend several hours each week creating many beautiful items which are sold at our annual Holiday Boutique in November.  Our sole aim is to raise money for the use of St. Paul's Religious School.  In addition, the ladies are available to assist the office staff in periodic mailings to all the members of our Cathedral.

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Solon Society

Over forty years ago, a group of college students began to informally meet. The purpose was to discuss Greek history, politics, and culture. These informal meetings became more and more frequent resulting in the formation of the Solon Society. The Solon Society is the premiere Hellenic Historical and Cultural Society of Long Island.

We meet, on the second Thursday of each month. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM, with a desert buffet, coffee, and tea. Lectures begin at 8:00 PM. We have hosted historians, philosophers, academics, art historians, musicians, and diplomats.

Each year the Solon Society awards two scholarships, to freshmen college students. Each scholarship is for $2000.   We cordially invite all of our friends at St. Paul, to join us. Membership is $20 single, $35 for family. For further information, you can e-mail us at, solon.society@gmail.com

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Sunday School

The Sunday School is an integral part of our students' religious education and it provides classes for students from Nursery through eleventh grade. Our curriculum is well known nationally and many churches have requested it for their own Sunday Schools.

Qualified individuals, with clergy approval, wrote our curriculum and it is revised periodically. Students graduate at the end of the eleventh grade so that they can return to our program as graduate assistants while still attending the twelfth grade in public school. Many return as regular teachers and some, after graduation from college, attend the Seminary and become priests. Every Sunday the entire Sunday School receives Holy Communion. Also, each month they attend the Youth Liturgy in the Hellenic Room where they can intimately relate and learn about the Divine Liturgy.

In our Christmas Pageant, some as characters in the play, while the rest as a choir singing the traditional Christmas Carols. Of course, there is always a Christmas Party! During Lent, the teachers dedicate their lessons to the important events of this most Holy Season. Many of our students sing in the Junior Choir while our boys serve as Altar Boys. At the Good Friday service, many of our younger girl students serve as Myrophores.

We are very proud that we can provide a comprehensive religious program, one with lessons which emphasize the principles which will enable them to be good Christians and which will influence them in their future. For further information please contact Andrea Potaris.

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The Ushers of St. Paul greet people as they arrive at Cathedral. They also welcome visitors, provide assistance, care for the proskinitaria (candle areas), and administer the collection of offerings. These faithful ushers perform a valuable service for our church.

For more information contact the Cathedral Office at 516 483 5700

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We Care Cancer Support Group

The WE CARE Cancer Support Group began in 2010 with the purpose of offering support and prayers to cancer sufferers and survivors, as well as to their family and friends. This group helps put our trust in God. Having a strong faith and belief in God can help us cope and maintain a positive attitude when dealing with this dreaded disease.  

WE CARE provides the opportunity to meet with others who have had cancer affect their lives. The group offers not only support, but practical information as well. Our meetings are upbeat and informative. Over the past two years our meetings have included:

  • Learning about cancer-healing saints
  • Suggestions for dealing with cancer
  • Cancer survivors and supporters sharing their experiences
  • Doctors sharing their expertise
  • Nutritional guidelines to help prevent the occurrence/recurrence

This year we look forward to learning about cancer causing environmental factors. The group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, immediately following the Paraklesis service. We hope to see you at one or more of our meetings this year. Remember, you don’t have to have cancer to be part of this group. Come for the information and camaraderie! Please contact Joanne Vagelatos.

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Weekly Food Run

We are living through a period of hard economic times and those the hardest hit are those in the lower socio-economic classes. Each Saturday morning for nearly two years, we have been distributing hot coffee, a bagged lunch, and a beverage to about 100 people in the parking lot of the local Home Depot. Those we serve stand seeking work in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, and in the snow. For some, the food is their only meal for the day. We ask no questions and seek not to judge.

We meet at the Cathedral on Friday evenings at 7:30 PM to prepare the bagged lunch and on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM to go distribute the coffee and food. The cost of the run is approximately $120 per week. Yes, that’s right; $120 feeds nearly 100 people! We welcome you to help or sponsor this ministry.

For more information please contact the Cathedral Office at 516 483 5700

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